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Brampton Private Office provides expert advice in sourcing and securing the best property possible on the most favourable terms to you. That is our promise to you. 


Brampton Private Office is a small, discreet advisory firm that provides a full range of property related services. Our founder has over a decade of experience across prime markets and this coupled with our broad network, allows us to provide detailed advice tailored to each individual clients needs. 

We pride ourselves on truly outstanding customer service which over the past decade has allowed us to cement relationships with our clients, our partner agents as well as solicitors, surveys and a vast array of suppliers, enabling us to provide a client all the necessary professionals to aid a smooth transaction.

A tailored approach

We limit the amount of active mandates at anyone time. We want each client to receive a truly individual approach; we want each client to feel as if they are the only client.

Who we act for

Typically our clients are high net worth international investors who come to us needing our services, not only in order to ensure their acquisition meets their objectives but also for aid with navigating through the complex legal systems in the UK whether that is purchasing a property or renting a property. 

Our clients require a service whereby the experience is fluid often with the transaction being explained at each stage from viewing a property right through to the collecting of the keys. 

What we offer


Our all encompassing property acquisition service covers the whole process A-Z; from previewing through to key collection. We have acted for clients who have purchased but also for clients in need of temporary relocation to London and only wish to rent a property. Due to our discreet approach, our renumeration is charged on a case-by-case basis.

Advice service

Clients do come to us who perhaps are already placed in London or are part way through a transaction and may not need us to help with acquisition but may need to engage an industry professional to aid with a valuation, data and market analysis or taking over the transaction on their behalf. Our approach is entirely flexible and so our renumeration for this service is dealt with on a case-by-case basis. 


In addition to the initial acquisition, we are fortunate to be able to offer as much or as little as a client needs. Some additional services we can offer are:

    • Refurbishment services: We have a select number of contractors we work with who can offer design and build services should they be required.
    • Property management: Should your acquisition be for buy-to-let purposes, we can offer an in house property management service.
    • Vacant management: Should the property be a pied-a-terre/holiday home, we are able to offer a service whereby we check on the property, aid with post collection, utility set up and so on to ensure that everything runs smoothly in your absence.
    • Property sale/disposal: Through our array of contacts, should you wish to sell your property, we can ensure this is done with your best interests in mind.

“Investment success doesn’t come from buying good things but rather from buying things well”

Howard S. Marks 

The six steps

We Identify

What you are looking for based on your key criteria. Typically this is budget, size and location. 

We Search

On the open market and through our extensive network for the ideal property for you. During this process we will undertake viewings either with you or on your behalf. 

We Offer and agree

On the property that you feel fits best. Together we will ensure that it meets your objectives. 

Due Diligence

Is then undertaken by your appointed solicitor. They will ensure that everything is present and correct with regards to the legalities  

We Exchange

Once you are comfortable with all the due diligence, we then exchange contracts. This is the point where you as the buyer will be asked to put down your deposit. Once the contracts have exchanged, you will be legally bound to buy or rent the property.

We Complete

There is often a small period of time between exchange of contracts and completion. At the point of completion we collect the keys and the property legally becomes yours. 

Our Partners